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From even a mechanistic point of view, people buying surrogate motherhood in places like Thailand (India actually banned it; then Thailand saw a boom in business) may not appreciate epigenetics. Do you really think a child gestated in the womb of a poor Thai girl is going to be someone you can predict based on your and your partner's DNA? It doesn't work that way.

From a justice viewpoint notice that it isn't rich women who farm themselves out as surrogate mothers. How about, you're pregnant for nine months, feel the baby stirring inside you, give birth, then have him snatched away while you're still post-partum and probably grieving. People who can pay for surrogate mothers are the same people who go to China for a kidney and don't give a damn which Uighur it came out of.

It's "science" like this that makes me hate modern medicine. It's a witch's brew.

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